Using Video Editing Software

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Now that you have a fancy video/digital recorder you can finally film all the fun you and your loved ones are having whilst on holiday, or during various celebration and milestones. Once upon a time it would have been good enough to simply pop in the tape or burn the video onto a DVD, and then play it back on the television and most people would have thought it enjoyable. Now that technology has improved a great deal and video editing software has become really quite easy to use, good enough just isn’t good enough anymore.

The magical things you can do now with your videos

As the language for using software becomes easier for even the average, low-tech person to understand more of the editing software programs are easier to use so that even a novice can add effects to their home videos that they would have paid a lot of money to a professional in a london animation studio to do for them.

We spoke with for their professional advice:

“After you have captured your video to your computer’s editing software you can do a number of things that will make your film look like a pro did it for you:

·       You can use the storyboard to move scenes around to create the story you want to tell.

·       You can add narration, motion graphics, whiteboard video or even subtitles to your scenes.

·       You can create special effects such as colour changes, scrapbook edging to look like an old fashioned photo album, and fade in and out to new scenes for cleaner transitions.

·       You can also clean up the quality of your home video to clean up blurs, bad lighting, shaky camera handling, and other common issues novice filmmakers tend to experience.”

The fun is just beginning with your video.

After you have edited your home video and you have burned it onto a DVD, there are a variety of things you can now do with your film. You can upload it to YouTube or Vine to share with others. You can save it to a cloud service to ensure that you will never lose it due to storm or fire damage. Your grandparents and parents who are not technologically savvy will be able to watch your video no matter where they are in the world with ease. Yes, even the folks who still have 12:00 blinking on their old-fashioned VHS players.

These days even the technology resistant older generation have at least given in and brought a computer into the home. If you want to share your vacation video or graduation celebration with them, you can send your video to them through email accounts, or share your cloud information, or share it on your social network of choice. All they will need to do through their email is click “download, save, and play” in succession to see your fun day. Or if you elect to use social media to share your experience, all they will need to do is click the play arrow superimposed on your posting to see your experience.

Where to get started using a video editing program.

Most video editing programs will work with virtually any system you have. If you elect to download video editing software online you may want to try a free version first to see how well you can use the interactive methods employed. Check the software for system requirements. Look for information such as:

·       Windows or Mac system: which generation as well.

·       If using a tablet or smartphone, check whether it is Apple iOS or Android.

·       Check the memory/bit requirements: 32 or 64 bit.

If you enjoy the free, basic video editing software you may decide to purchase a higher quality software. The best advice is to start with the free one to make sure it does what you want and that it works with your current devices and that the language is comfortable for you to use the program. The best part of the fun you will have capturing the memories.


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