The Best way to video a Family Celebration

Family celebrations by their very nature are unpredictable and constantly changing events. It can be challenging to video celebrations. The first thing the family may need to  is decide whether there will be a designated videographer in the family or if they want to let everyone take a role, meaning all those smartphones in everyone’s hands are put to use. Let’s look at the two options pros and cons:

Family Videographer taking an outsider’s role

The family member chosen to film the celebration is necessarily cut out of the production by being set behind the camera. That can be sad later in life when a spouse or friend of the family asks where, Bob is and the reply is that he is the cameraman. The pro of having one person video the event is that there is a modicum of control even in a potentially chaotic event. One camera will capture the scene. With one camera filming the event you are assured that all the key moments will be recorded. Granted, that one camera may miss other fun or interesting scenes that should have been captured for posterity.

On the other hand, having one person film the event means that you will get that person’s perspective on what is important, and that may not be what another person felt was important. There is also the possibility that the designated cameraman was not the best choice for the task, meaning that the event may be inadequately filmed with bad lighting, low lighting, shaky handling of the camera, or forgotten lens caps left on during an important moment.

Everyone has a camera for the event

The advantage to having a camera in everyone’s hand is that you will find multiple versions of the event from different perspectives, which can be interesting. Children will see most things at low levels or at upward angles, which can let the adults see what the children see. On the other hand, teens and young adults will most likely pay closer attention to their own age groups, leaving out the children and older members of the celebration.

Keep in mind that the different perspectives may not tell the story of the celebration completely. Of course, a technical editing wizard may be able to splice the scenes from multiple views to tell a cohesive story, but that may be harder than it sounds.

The best way to video a family celebration may be a combination of methods.

Perhaps you can have a designated family videographer, or even hire a professional to tell the official story. This will provide the narrative of the celebration: who attended, what the celebration is about, the songs and dances; actual story of the celebration.

Along with the main scenes captured on one camera, other family can video from a video camera or smartphone. Their story would be the behind the scenes events: The groom preparing for the big day. The bride putting on her gown for the first time. The cake being carried in. The ring-bearer taking a nap before the wedding. The flower-girl pouting before the music begins. Later at the reception, the candid scenes can be played for the guests on the high definition TV screen with the camera’s sharing abilities. The official videographer can film the reactions to the individual scenes, which will continue the narrative of the big day for the bride and groom to share for a lifetime.  All in all you have to see yourself as one big video production company. Leeds based have some great advice.

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