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Credit: Andrzej Pobiedziński

Credit: Andrzej Pobiedziński

In this day and age family videos seem like major productions. In the old days a camera shot of the happy couple cutting a cake or running out of the church under a spray of rice at a wedding was more than enough to commemorate the big day. In our current times, for most cases, the brides want a video to show every event leading up to the wedding: selecting the dress, choosing the décor, menu and cake for the receptions, and so on. Every event must be recorded for posterity.

A well-off bride may be able to hire a professional to do all the work. However, due to the quality of video/digital camcorders and the ease with which people can use video editing software, even the well-off bride can simply have a family member film the events and later edit the events herself.

As software creators become savvier about consumer use of their programs they have realised that making the process more interactive is a good way to get more people to use their products. This is particularly true regarding video editing software with the advent of social media and video sharing websites. As more people wish to share their videos, software designers are eager to provide programs everyone can use.

Beginner’s luck with free software.

If you want to try using video editing software on a budget, you will be delighted to find that you can easily find such software available for free online. Lightworks provides an easy, interactive program for beginners to test their mettle. The user interface helps the beginner understand how to use the software to edit their video. The tools are easy to use and you can create real-time video effects.

WeVideo is a cloud-based editing software.  The designers provided an easy to use drag and drop method for editing so that you don’t have to understand how it works. Instead, you simply apply the effects you want with a click of the mouse. Afterward, you can share your effort on various social networks. The basic program is free. If you like the simple structure, you can get the advanced version by upgrading to different paid plans.

Intermediate skills to make you look like a pro.

You can search online for higher level video editing software. We looked for the ones that a beginner can advance to after they have gained some better understanding of the technology and the language of editing.  Now that you know more, you will find that simple methods and simple features just don’t do the job you wish to accomplish.

Adobe Premiers Elements is a great professional grade software that an intermediate user can enjoy. This editing software will enable you to:

·       Add animation to your work

·       Include video and visual transitions beyond “fade” and “turning the page.”

·       Correct colours that did not film correctly due to lighting or other issues.

·       Drag and Drop effects that are a step up from the basics.

·       Direct capture from camcorder and DVD burning.

Pinnacle Studio 16 is another great professional grade software that is available online. This software includes:

·       3D editing technology

·       Animation effects

·       Better video and audio transitions

·       Green Screen

Cyberlink is yet another more advanced video editing software a savvier filmmaker can enjoy using. It does much the same things as the above programs. The one feature that is interesting is the ability to add subtitles, which would be a boon for foreign language when visiting another country, or to provide dialogue for deaf viewers, or to provide a fun silent film experience.

There are other beginner and intermediate video editing software available both on and offline. These are mentioned to show you what you can do with your home video that you may not have thought of before. All of them offer either a free, basic version or a free trial download so that one can test them before making a purchase.

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